natural gas service

The Bolivar Utility Department is responsible for providing its customers with clean burning natural gas. The department supplies natural gas to the three counties of  Chester, Hardeman, and McNairy. The gas system used by Bolivar Utility was installed in 1954 and now serves more than 5,000 customers.

The natural gas used by Bolivar Utility is purchased from Tennessee Gas Pipeline. There are two tap stations located on Highway 125 South in Middleton, and in McNairy county, west of the Selmer city limits on Highway 64.

Bolivar Utility’s gas system is regulated by  both the Tennessee Regulatory Authority (Office of Pipeline Safety) and the PHMSA Organization (Office of Pipeline Safety), which is located in Washington, D.C.

Flag Colors & Their Meaning
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Natural Gas Facts

  • Natural gas is made up of  Methane (CH4).


  • It is odorless, but additives are included , so that it may be easily detected.


  • The additives used to give gas its distinct smell, are said to remind people of sulfur, or rotten eggs.


  • Bolivar Utility strives to educate its customers about the safety and benefits of using natural gas service.

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