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sewer service 

     The Bolivar Utility Department is responsible for collection and treating the city’s wastewater for approximately 2,600 customers.  We have a treatment facility that is designed to handle 1.4 million gallons of wastewater a day. The average flow is approximately 850,000 gallons a day.


    Questions regarding our wastewater facility should be directed to our main office at (731) 658-5894.



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sewer tips

     The Bolivar Utility Department receives many calls due to customer sewer line back up. Oftentimes, sewer line problems can be directly attributed to misuse.  The most common reason for these backups is due to pouring fats, oils, and grease down the drains. When these products are poured into the drains, they are mixed with hot water. After the water cools the fats, oils, and grease, they become thick and stick to the pipes resulting in clogged pipes.  When this happens, it may result in the sewer backing up into your home and causing major damage.  Damage can be very expensive to the homeowner.


     Flush items such as diapers, disposable wipes, or hygiene products down your toilets is not recommended. Many of these products are not biodegradable and will not dissolve.


     Please feel free to contact us if you have additional questions about proper sewer maintenance.

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